Sunday, November 1, 2009

Red Man Triathlon

I did my last Tri for this season on September 20. We had great weather for it. The sun was shining and no wind was blowing. Phillip had the Texas State Road Race that weekend in FT. Hood. My friend Susan came up to support me and take lots and lots of pictures.
It had rained all weekend and Hefner had risen a foot from Saturday to Sunday morning. The buoys floated away and had to be retrieved before we could start our race.
I signed up for the Newby Wave which means we were all beginner swimmers.That was good and bad. We all swam the same pace like a little school fo fish around the course. The swim took me forever! I looked at my watch to see that was the worst swim I had done all season. I jumped on my bike and thought I better pedal FAST! I had a lot of time to make up for. I had my best time and speed on the bike leg and was very happy with it. The run was 2 minutes shorter than my other runs. I finished the sprint in 1 hour 46 minutes. I was 9th in my age division.
After the race, Susan and my mom and I popped open the chardonnay and celebrated. We had brunch at LaBagutte and I discovered the swim portion was 750m. All the other races I have done (all 2) were 500m. So that is why it took me so long to do the swim! Susan made fun of me for not reading the race information.
I had a great time and look forward to training this winter for next year. I have had so much fun this summer. Triathlons remind me of being a kid when I swam at the neighborhood pool, rode my bike and ran all over the place.

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