Monday, September 14, 2009

Red River

We just returned from Red River, New Mexico. Phillip did the Enchanted Circle Century Ride. 100 miles through the mountains. Here he is getting ready for the ride. I am not sure who is more excited.

I stayed back with the Daisy so I could get pictures and run in the mountains. I am not qualified for that kind of riding.

Here is Mark and Phillip just before they took off in the 40 degree morning. The mountains are chilly!

It was a beautiful day for the Enchanted Circle. Rain came in later that afternoon. Which made for good napping weather.
Daisy loves nap time!

It was a great time being in the mountains and celebrating our 17th anniversary! We had dinner at The Roasted Clove in Angel Fire. Then wandered around Taos for a little bit before heading home.

Hillapalloza Triathlon

Hello All! So I start a blog and wait a couple of weeks to post. Sorry! But the salon has been busy with all the kids getting back to school and everyone back to a normal routine. My clients are already booking their holiday appointments. It will be here before you know it!

Since my last post, I have done the Hillapalooza Triathlon at Lake Arcadia. WOW! It was hard. The wind was blowing about 20 that morning and it was my first open water swim. I started standing in waist deep water with about 100 other girls in my wave, and the gun goes off! Chaos has now ensued. 100 swimmers heading to the same buoy into the wind. I realize I started too fast so I slow down only to have the person in my slipstream swim over the top of me! OMG!I can't breathe, I can't swim, I want to quit. I am hyper-ventilating and a full blown panic attack has begun. I have been swimming about 3 minutes when this happens. I want to have the guy in the sea doo pull me out. But if I do that what will I tell the girls at work? I lasted 3 minutes. I won't get to drink the chardonnay I brought. How embarrassing! When I reached the first buoy some guy was already clinging to it and there was no room for me. The sea doo was coming to pull him out. I thought I don't want to be that guy.So I swam or dog-paddled whatever you want to call it to shore. Ahhh land! I am trying to find my breath as I head to transition. Finally I am on the bike. On the bike going up hill into the 20 mph wind. But it is sooo much better than being in the water right now. I reach the turn around, now I am downhill down wind. Whizzing past people going 37mph down the hill! Now I am having fun. I get back to the transistion put on my running shoes and finish the race. I had so much fun and learned a lot about myself in the water. That is why I enjoy this sport so much.

Maybe I love the chardonnay at the finish!